Timber Ridge Elementary


Drama Club

MTW Drama Club has been part of Timber Ridge afterschool enrichment programs since 2012. In the last few years more than 500 students have been a part of Drama Clubs and shows at Timber Ridge.

Drama Club at Timber Ridge meets each week for nine 90- minute classes in the fall. Space is limited to 12 students per teacher. Students will build confidence and learn stage skills through fun-filled theatre games, improvisation and scene study. Parents are invited to sit in during the last class so we can “show and tell” our favorite activities.


Annually, Timber Ridge puts on a Spring Musical complete with lights, costumes, and sets. The shows are a great way for children to gain confidence, learn teamwork, acquire organizational skills, and practice singing, dancing and acting as they put on a professional show. Whether your child is headed for a career on the stage or as a part of the audience, they will have a great experience learning all that is involved in a production. The first 50 children to sign up for the musical are in the show. We ‘audition’ for role placement only. In casting the shows, we take into account the comfort level of each child and work to give them their moments to shine. This year we are thrilled to be putting Frozen kids, Kids on stage!


Can be download and emailed to Vickichase@att.net, or mailed to Vicki Chase 3546 Clubland Dr Mar. GA 30068.

For quick access to registration forms and digital payments please click on these links: 

Drama Club Tuesdays Grades 4-5

Drama Club Thursdays Grades 1-3

Spring Musical, Willy Wonka Kids:


MTW’s students, parents and staff work together for several months to put on a great show. Here you will find helpful information for MTW students and parents regarding the shows.

Family Meeting

Family meeting will be 1-2 weeks before auditions and is where the audition material will be distributed. You will be asked to sign your child up for one of the two audition days. We will answer any and all questions about the audition experience, casting, scripts, volunteering, and rehearsals. Children are welcome to attend this brief meeting.


Auditions are held to appropriately cast the students who have enrolled. We will have 2 days of auditions, but your child need attend only one of those days. Only children who wish to have a solo or a speaking role will be asked to sing a short solo from the show at the auditions. We would like for all children to attend one audition day so we can meet them and assign their role. We will make the auditions fun and light and very positive. If a child only wants to participate in a group, they are welcome to do so.

Children will receive their cast assignments via email over a weekend.

Sometimes children are disappointed in their assigned role. Trust that we know the show well enough to create extra moments for all children to be in the spotlight.


MTW will provide the majority of costumes for all shows. We will ask parents to provide pieces if it is something your child probably has, or if it is a personal piece—like tights for girls or a wig. We often ask you if you have specific items before we shop (for example, black pants, white t-shirts, etc.). Should you be asked to bring in a piece that you don’t have, we strongly recommend thrift stores and asking neighbors! Your pieces will be returned to you after the show. MTW costumes must also be returned at the end of the show. We highly recommend labeling all personal items with your child’s name.


All families will be asked to volunteer in some capacity. Below are the volunteer opportunities. We use Volunteer Spot for sign-up convenience. Please check back for link and further information the week before rehearsals begin.

  • 2 Rehearsal monitors at each rehearsal.
  • 2 – 4 people with trucks or other large vehicles for transporting sets/costumes/props to and from the theatre.
  • 5 People to help set up and strike the set. Strength and tools are a plus. No kids allowed.
  • 3 – 5 People to paint sets and organize food donations and volunteers.
  • 4-6 Ticket salespeople.
  • 2 Volunteers backstage during each performance.
  • Someone to create the program – we’ll give you the info and suggested layout.


Will begin in late January and continue Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:30-4:00 until the performance.

Performance dates are to be determined.